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What has the winter got to do with my advance payments?

Be it gas, electricity or water – why do I owe money, or why have I received a credit note? Why do I pay monthly advance payments and how is the amount calculated? Why can my consumption suddenly change? And why must the sum of the advance payments that have already been paid be offset against the actual consumption in the end?
Find out the answers to these questions and more in our film.

Why do you have above-average consumption? 

Have you ever wondered about an expensive electricity bill and asked why it’s so expensive? An energy consultant could help you identify the reasons. But what is energy consulting and how does it work? What on earth can cause high energy consumption? And how could you easily save some money each year? Let’s find out together how you can lower your consumption. Take a look at our film on energy consulting.

Electricity tariff composition

What exactly are all the components of the electricity tariff?
An electricity bill can comprise several pages of information. Among other things, it includes all the things that make up your electricity tariff. Here we explain exactly what each one of those is. What exactly to the words “supply” or “network charges” mean on my statement? What levies are included, and what taxes are deducted by the State? Our film on the composition of your electricity tariff explains the appearance of your electricity bill and why we hold on to only a small proportion of it.